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first off i am going to apologize for my typing style…i don’t really use caps or proper punctuation i really just type the words as they come to my head and when i cant think of anything to say i use “…” until i figure out the next sentence so bare with me (this why i don’t blog a lot)

i feel like i really needed to talk to you guys, i really want to express the importance of tomorrow’s show (POWERHOUSE)…. THIS IS A BIG DEAL, i am sure most of YOU know that but i am kind of just realizing it myself. the way you all came out and supported at the roots picnic and “turned up” for me and #TEAMnicethings then, is what i need, times 10,000 tomorrow….we need to come out as a unit and show that chill moody deserves this spot, deserves this shine, this light… my part is simple enough, go out on that stage, give you everything i got, and leave everything on that stage. i plan on upholding my part of the bargain …ur job is a little more difficult. sometimes in this city (and i’m sure it happens other places but i can only speak for what i see) we get too “cool” to really show love and get hype for our own – not all of us – but some. we know it, we see it, we know its true. tomorrow can’t be one of those days!…tomorrow has to be like the exact opposite actually. i am one of the 3 local artists who was even contacted to perform at powerhouse (s/o my homie GoGo Morrow and Asia Sparks), and the only one on this particular show (there are three days, i am on the first day)… last week on my twitter i went on this whole “philly pride” rant and it’s kinda seeping over to this blog post i’m typing now…we can’t let these other artist leave this city not knowing that we really run this music shit, point blank period. (not even just talking about me, all the philly artist who are performing.) g.) when this show is over tomorrow, MGK and Curren$y and all their fans really should leave feeling like they were missing out not knowing who Chill Moody was prior to the show. if we both do our jobs then we good.
even if you aren’t coming to the show, i need ur support…online…word of mouth, all that. my progression this year has been crazy, been a dope feeling, but none of that could have happened nor can it continue without your support. you all are what makes chill moody. the fans/supporters are the most vital part to my success, lets make tomorrow legendary… i go on pretty early in the bill so PLEASE BE ON TIME… understand that it’s south street so your going to have to find parking and all that and make time for that, doors open at 7pm. i would love nothing more than to look out in the crowd and see everyone out there showing love…

and you say nicethings……

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