Chill Moody Headlining the TLA 12-28 #RFM album release concert
by on November 24, 2012 in chill

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I am headlining my first concert at the TLA. this is a big deal i am blessed to have this opportunity. once i got the word, i decided to release some of this music i’ve been working on (and also was inspired to make a shit load of new music) so this concert is now an “album release party” of sorts. i titled the project #RFM which stand for… well, lets not get ahead of ourselves, you’ll find that out soon enough.

i am grateful for every opportunity i get along this journey, and i make sure i look out for everyone on my team and everyone i believe in every chance i get. expect to see Dj Ricochet, Beano, Suzann Christine, JoeLogic, Wong, Tim, Band4Higher…and a couple surprises.

i also added some of my favorite local acts to the concert as well, people i know are going to not only bring out their own crowd, but take advantage of this huge event, put on a great show, and leave with twice as many fans as they came with.

performances by
Mic Stew x Jade Alson x Mont Brown (& More)

the concert is only $12 (which is a steal for the amount of talent that will touch that stage)

get ur tickets on…. or hit up any of the artist on the bill they will have tickets for sale.

we need to sell this show out. couldn’t have got here without the fans, and def cant make it any further without your continued support. take pride in the fact that i am fanmade. you all made chill moody.

see you guys on the 28th.

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